The Equipment I use to take my photographs varies.Starting out as photographer is expensive and learning the art of Photography is expensive too..Especially if your on student budget like me.But one of the things I have done to bring down the cost is to buy secondhand lens and film SLR cameras.Which can take beautiful photos but aren’t as costly as Dslr range.
The first ever Dslr Camera I brought was Nikon D5100 ,I brought that brand new on Ebay.I love it and have created some beautiful photos with it.

I also have three Canon SLR film 35 mm cameras too.As I love the retro feel of film camera and wanted to try the Canon brand.And the different types of 35 mm film like Kodak Porta, Fuji Velvia 50 you can get that offer different effects and colours. I also wanted to learn to develop 35 mm film ,its a dying art form.
I own Canon 500n which is old film SLR camera with manual settings on it.then the Canon EOS 750 which is fully automatic SLR camera and lastly own Canon EOS 3000n with 35-80mm lens. They all take some amazing photos and lens fit on the new Canon DSLR camera.So if your on budget and want to buy Canon DSLR camera too , you can swap the EF lens from Canon SLR Film Camera to DSLR camera. .